fix snip sketch tool wont screenshot entire screen windows
fix snip sketch tool wont screenshot entire screen windows

fix snip sketch tool wont screenshot entire screen windows


Greetings, readers! Welcome to our in-depth guide on resolving the common issue of Snip & Sketch failing to capture your entire screen in Windows. This tool is a convenient way to take quick screenshots, but it can be frustrating when it doesn’t work as intended. In this article, we’ll delve into the various causes of this problem and provide clear solutions to help you fix it swiftly.

Understanding the Issue:

When the Snip & Sketch tool fails to capture the entire screen, it can indicate several underlying issues related to your system settings, display configuration, or the tool itself. To effectively address the problem, we need to identify its root cause. The following sections will guide you through troubleshooting the issue step by step.

Troubleshooting Common Causes:

1. System Display Settings:

  • Check Display Scaling: Ensure that your display scaling is set to 100%. If it’s set to a higher percentage (e.g., 125%), it can cause the tool to capture only a portion of the screen. Go to "Settings" > "System" > "Display" and check the scaling option.
  • Update Graphics Drivers: Outdated graphics drivers can also lead to display issues. Visit the manufacturer’s website to download and install the latest drivers for your graphics card.

2. Snip & Sketch Tool Settings:

  • Disable Focus Assist: Focus Assist, when enabled, may prevent notifications and certain applications, including Snip & Sketch, from capturing the entire screen. Go to "Settings" > "System" > "Focus Assist" and disable it.
  • Adjust Delay Settings: Try increasing the delay before the screenshot is taken. This gives the tool more time to capture the entire screen. Go to "Snip & Sketch" > "Settings" and adjust the "Delay before taking a screenshot" setting.

3. Other Causes:

  • System Overload: If your computer is experiencing high memory or CPU usage, it can affect the performance of Snip & Sketch. Close any unnecessary programs and restart your computer to free up resources.
  • Third-Party Software Conflicts: Some third-party screen capture software may interfere with Snip & Sketch. Temporarily disable or uninstall any such programs to determine if they’re causing the issue.

Table: Troubleshooting Steps at a Glance

Troubleshooting Step Description
Check Display Scaling Ensure display scaling is set to 100%.
Update Graphics Drivers Install the latest graphics drivers from the manufacturer.
Disable Focus Assist Prevent interruptions from interfering with the screenshot.
Adjust Delay Settings Give the tool more time to capture the entire screen.
Close Unnecessary Programs Free up system resources by closing unused applications.
Disable Third-Party Screen Capture Software Eliminate potential conflicts with other software.


By following the solutions outlined in this article, you should be able to resolve the issue of Snip & Sketch not capturing your entire screen in Windows. Remember to check your system settings, adjust the tool’s settings, and rule out any other potential causes. If the problem persists, consider seeking support from Microsoft or your device manufacturer.

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FAQ about Snip & Sketch Tool Won’t Screenshot Entire Screen on Windows

1. Why can’t I screenshot my entire screen with Snip & Sketch?

  • Only the new Snipping Tool (released with Windows 11) supports capturing the entire screen. For Windows 10 or earlier, you need to crop and expand the screenshot manually.

2. How do I enable the full-screen screenshot option in Snip & Sketch?

  • Update your Windows 11 system to the latest version.

3. Can I use the old Snipping Tool to capture the entire screen?

  • No, it only captures the selected portion of the screen.

4. How do I crop a screenshot to capture the entire screen?

  • Drag the corners or sides of the screenshot to expand it beyond the original selection.

5. Can I take a scrolling screenshot to capture the entire web page?

  • Use the "Capture entire page" option in the Snipping Tool extension for Microsoft Edge (requires installation).

6. How do I use a keyboard shortcut to capture the entire screen?

  • Press Windows Key + Shift + S, then click "Capture entire screen" or "Windows Key + PrtScn".

7. Can I automatically open crop options after taking a screenshot?

  • Enable the "Copy cropped image to clipboard" option in Snip & Sketch settings.

8. Why won’t my full-screen screenshot save correctly?

  • Check if your screenshot destination folder has sufficient space or clear any potential file path issues.

9. Can I use the Snip & Sketch tool to capture multiple monitors?

  • Yes, but you need to take screenshots for each monitor separately.

10. Is there a third-party tool that can capture the entire screen in one screenshot?

  • Yes, you can try alternative screenshot tools like ShareX, Lightshot, or Greenshot.